The GI Diet

The GI Diet is based on the GI or Glycemic Index of foods and the effect this has on blood sugar levels. Low GI carbohydrate foods have little effect on blood glucose sugar levels, whilst high GI foods have the opposite effect.

Think of when you have a big meal at lunch time and how your energy levels are non existant a couple of hours later when you feel sleepy - this is because you have eaten high GI foods like potatoes. The GI diet plans work in tune with your body so that your blood sugar levels aren't overloaded all at once.

Diabetics need this type of diet to slowly trickle insulin into your body rather than pumping it from high GI foods. If you are over weight or don't exercise much a low GI diet will help you lose weight, reduce the risk of heart disease, help you feel fuller and less hungry between meals and keep your energy levels constant.

Does The GI Diet Work ?

Low GI foods are a form of food combining so it works in tune with your body. If you choose foods with a low GI, the body can process them correctly. Low GI foods are broken down more slowly so leave you feeling fuller for longer. Whereas high GI foods break down quickly so you are looking for your next meal faster (which leads to snacking on the wrong foods)

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Rick Gallop has written many best sellers on the subject and has become an official source on GI - he makes it easy to follow and keep the weight off and has guides for eating out in restaurants.

Dieting is a lifestyle change for long term weight loss. If you want to take up the GI diet see the GI diet recipes on this site.

Glycemic Index in the GI Diet

Cereals Snacks Pasta Beans
All Bran 51 chocolate bar 49 cheese tortellini 50 baked 44
Bran Buds + psyll 45 corn chips 72 fettucini 32 black beans, boiled 30
Bran Flakes 74 croissant 67 linguini 50 butter, boiled 33
Cheerios 74 doughnut 76 macaroni 46 cannellini beans 31
Corn Chex 83 graham crakers 74 spagh, 5 min boiled 33 garbanzo, boiled 34
Cornflakes 83 jelly beans 80 spagh, 15 min boiled 44 kidney, boiled 29
Cream of Wheat 66 Life Savers 70 spagh, prot enrich 28 kidney, canned 52
Frosted Flakes 55 oatmeal cookie 57 vermicelli 35 lentils, green, brown 30
Grapenuts 67 pizza, cheese & tom 60 Soups/Vegetables lima, boiled 32
Life 66 Pizza Hut, supreme 33 beets, canned 64 navy beans 38
muesli, natural 54 popcorn, light micro 55 black bean soup 64 pinto, boiled 39
Nutri-grain 66 potato chips 56 carrots, fresh, boil 49 red lentils, boiled 27
oatmeal, old fach 48 pound cake 54 corn, sweet 56 soy, boiled 16
Puffed Wheat 67 Power bars 58 green pea, soup 66 Breads
Raisin Bran 73 pretzels 83 green pea, frozen 47 bagel, plain 72
Rice Chex 89 saltine crakers 74 lima beans, frozen 32 baquette, Frnch 95
Shredded Wheat 67 shortbread cookies 64 parsnips 97 croissant 67
Special K 54 Snikers bar 41 peas, fresh, boil 48 dark rey 76
Total 76 strawberry jam 51 split pea soup w/ham 66 hamburger bun 61
Fruit vanilla wafers 77 tomato soup 38 muffins
apple 38 Wheat Thins 67 Drinks apple, cin 44
apricots 57 Crackers apple juice 40 blueberry 59
banana 56 graham 74 colas 65 oat & raisin 54
cantalope 65 rice cakes 80 Gatorade 78 pita 57
cherries 22 rye 68 grapefruit juice 48 pizza, cheese 60
dates 103 soda 72 orange juice 46 pumpernickel 49
grapefruit 25 Wheat Thins 67 pineapple juice 46 sourdough 54
grapes 46 Cereal Grains Milk Products rye 64
kiwi 52 barley 25 chocolate milk 35 white 70
mango 55 basmati white rice 58 custard 43 wheat 68
orange 43 bulgar 48 ice cream, van 60 Root Crops
papaya 58 couscous 65 ice milk, van 50 french fries 75
peach 42 cornmeal 68 skim milk 32 pot, new, boiled 59
pear 58 millet 71 soy milk 31 pot, red, baked 93
pineapple 66 Sugars tofu frozen dessert 115 pot, sweet 52
plums 39 fructose 22 whole milk 30 pot, white, boiled 63
prunes 15 honey 62 yogurt, fruit 36 pot, white, mash 70
raisins 64 maltose 105 yogurt, plain 14 yam 54
watermelon 72 table sugar 64
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The GI Diet may be for you. Follow the GI diet for dieting success.

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