Running is one of the best sports to burn calories in the body, and the amount of burning calories in the body when you run an hour of 500 – 1000 calories. The number of calories depends on the speed of running to humans, the faster the speed of burning increased, For weight, especially if the person intends to lose less than 5 kg, but before starting to run, be aware and take into account a set of points to help the body to lose weight better and easier

Benefits of Running for Slimming

Running helps you lose weight and control it. Running is the second best sport to burn a few calories in one minute, after skiing

  • Improves the running of the psychological state of people .
  • Jogging improves the mental and mental health of a person. Physical activity becomes very important and increases people’s awareness of the importance of jogging and weight loss.

How to lose weight by running 

  • Give yourself some time so your body can get used to running. It is recommended to run 3-4 times a week for three weeks and for a mile and a half. After the first or second week, you may want to increase the distance, but resist this desire until you exceed the third week .
  • Make running a part of your daily or semi-daily habits, and do not set your goal in running for months, but make your goal long-lasting, at least a year, and will start to notice a great impact on your health and physical condition or on your psychological state, for example you will feel more confident in yourself after Running Exercise.


  • Make a plan or a certain system for running and stick to it. This helps you lose weight more easily. A running system helps you run for longer periods and greater distances. It is advisable to introduce a range of exercises other than running in the same system to make a difference.


  • Increasing exercises and running gradually over time, where the body is able to withstand the strength and pressure greater, prefer to perform more difficult exercises such as pressure exercises or squats, and prefer to intensify after 8 weeks of starting jogging.